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The Owls Head kicked off its inaugural Arts Program with the unveiling of the new mural by Adam Douglas Thompson.


We look forward to commissioning an artist to work with our storefront on an annual basis. The Owl’s Head is pleased to work with contemporary artists and provide the forum to share the works they create with the Bay Ridge community where access and funding to contemporary work across the disciplines has been limited.



About the Mural

“This mural was inspired by the warm, woodsy hospitality of the the Owl's Head, along with the bar's longstanding sup- port of the arts and community of Bay Ridge. I began with the character of the owl, casting it as a nocturnal, sorcerer-host presiding over a strange nighttime carnival of gustatory delights. Rather than create a single, simple graphic that could be easily digested from a distance, I tried to fill the design with lots of fun details that would invite people to come up close and explore. The simplicity of the black and white palette and geometric forms provides a counter- point to the wacky imagery and merges the design with the architectural particularities of the facade. My hope is that the design delights and entices, and serves to represent the spirit of the Owl's Head.” - Adam Douglas Thompson